What Kind of Goth Are You?

So this quiz has been done before. Still, you can never have too many "goth" quizzes. Especially when most of the pre-existing ones are crap! (like this one is any different...). Nonetheless, take the quiz, or that thing over there *points* might eat you.

1.Go to goth clubs much?

  • Yes
  • No

2. When you do, what's your dancing style?:

  • I don't "dance". I'm too busy discussing intelligent things with friends at the bar.
  • I weave beautiful spiderwebs with my hands, letting the music flow through me and empower me to express the incredible energy it fills me with.
  • Oh, y'know. I just kinda move to the beat.
  • I don't dance, I'm too young to get into any clubs.
  • I mosh or headbang or stomp. Rawr.
  • Eh, I have my own unique style. Kinda robotlike, almost!
  • Sorry, dancing would interrupt this rockin' D&D game.

3. Saturday afternoon, what are you doing?

  • Shopping online for cool clothes!
  • Shopping at the mall for cool clothes!
  • Still hung over from that concert last night (damn you, beer and liquor!).
  • Still hung over from that art show last night (damn you wine/heroin!)
  • Eh, something or another. No reason to tell you.
  • Watching anime.
  • Reading something enlightening.
  • Eh, something relaxing, since I *did* work all week.

4. If you punched someone, it would likely be because:

  • Sorry, I'm a pacifist, I'd never punch anyone.
  • They wouldn't shut up about how that s.o.b. hack Rimbaud was the greatest writer of the 19th century.
  • They killed my character.
  • They told me my work was crap.
  • They told me NIN is crap.
  • They told me Front 242 is crap.
  • They looked funny.
  • They told me Throbbing Gristle is crap.
  • someone from my daily life recognised me while dressed up and got offended X.X

5. If people call you a goth, it's likely because:

  • I have "apathy" tattoed across my chest.
  • Cause I wear all black and look all tough and evil.
  • I think dragons and vampires are cool. Or because I'm obsessed with Eternal Darkness.
  • Doesn't matter why, I'd punch'em for it!
  • They don't.
  • They accidentally ran into me at night.
  • I'm so friggin liberal. Either that or all the lace.
  • Of my deep dark emotional paintings or writings.

  • 6. Care for a drink?

    • Yeah dude, gimme a beer or something.
    • Absinthe, please.
    • I'm an alcoholic, of *course* I want a drink.
    • Sure, maybe jasmine tea if you have it.
    • Dude, Jolt! Or anything to keep me awake for this all-nighter of anime.
    • Umm, I'm too young to drink any of the dark evil drinks I long for.
    • A drink as strong as these thrashing guitars in my head.

    7. Something to eat, perhaps?

    • Oh, I'll take a gardenburger!
    • Flat foods. So people can slide them under my door when I'm deeply entranced in an all-night coding session.
    • Junk food. Pocky.
    • Ramen, that's all I can afford.
    • No thanks, I still have this raging hangover from the absinthe.
    • Sure, that'll help cure the hangover from all that Jack Daniels.
    • Sure! Um, mall food, whatever's near the Hot Topic. Taco bell is way sp00ky.
    • sure.

    8. So, what's your favorite color?

    • Oh I like any color you'd find in your average motherboard.
    • Clear blue, like the eyes of that elf I fantasized about last night.
    • Black! Err, I mean um green. Yeah,... green.
    • Anything dark and passionate, dark as the color of my soul, dark as the color of my clove-ridden lungs *hack hack*.
    • Like pink or yellow maybe.
    • *shrugs* I like alot of colors.
    • The color of beauty, the color of stars, shining with the irrridescance of the connection of life running through us all.
    • Uhhh. Gunmetal and black. Ooo, or the color of brains!
    • Blood red, and like, really evil blacks and stuff.
    • Beautiful dark tortured colors, that strangely seem to flow from my hands sometimes...

    9. Cemetaries?

    • Sure, the sculptures and atmosphere puts me in a creative mood.
    • I feel very at one with nature in them, they calm me and put me at peace.
    • Eh. I'm too jaded to enjoy cemetaries. People that hang out in them are trying too hard.
    • Yeah. but I enjoy them secretly, and only go by myself (shhh don't tell anyone!).
    • Cemetaries are lame, I like my dead people in the form of zombies and stuff.
    • They're ok. My day job usually keeps me from enjoying them too much though.
    • Um, thet's where you put dead people. Whoop-de-do.
    • Gargoyles are cool.
    • Ooo, yes! My friends and I dress up and take pictures of each other on the coffins, it's really cool.
    • Maybe. I'm more of an indoor person, though.