Yay, meat!

You know you've always wanted to know what kind of processed meat you are. I mean, who hasn't, really? Needless to say, this quiz will provide you with that knowledge, and it is a beautiful thing indeed.

Note: This quiz is silly and ridiculous. You have been warned.

1. Do you often use lotion?

  • Yes
  • No

2. If you were teleported back to the mid 1980's, would you describe yourself as tubular?

  • Totally, dude
  • Nope!

3. Care for some breakfast?

  • Yes, please
  • No thank you!

4. That's a nice set of buns you have there.

  • Why thank you!
  • ...huh?!

5. Would you, err, spread it for me?

  • But of course!
  • ...what?!

6. Sept 7th should always be celebrated!

  • Hells yeah!
  • huh?

7. Boy do you have a goofy sense of humor!

  • Well, I suppose I do!
  • No way!

8. So how do you feel about your local police force?

  • I love the boys (and girls) in blue!
  • Down with the Man!

9. Would you care for some fingers with your lunch?

  • Mmm yes please!
  • ...eew?

10. Do you like singing jingles about your protein sources?

  • But of course.
  • No way.

11. Do you consider yourself rather knowledgeable about wood cutting tools?

  • Indeed!
  • Nope.

12. Would you appreciate it if Weird Al Yankovic wrote a song about you?

  • Who wouldn't?
  • Err..no thank you.

13. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

  • Ja!
  • uhh...nein?

14. Do you ever just want to really hug a dachshund?

  • Yes! So cute and tasty!
  • Nope.

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