Everyone has *something* that pisses them off, and here's your golden opportunity to find out exactly what that something is!

1.You get up to a beautiful morning - and then you slam your knee on a table. Wincing in pain, what do you do?

  • Cry out "damn you, Humanity!"
  • Cry out "damn you, Karl Marx!"
  • Cry out "damn you, Internet!"
  • Curse the pile of clothing on the floor that caused me to trip
  • Nothing. Due to the lack of grey matter in your head, the pain disappears almost as quickly as it came.
  • Get a pill. That'll ease my achin' knee.
  • Curse the condom wrapper I slipped on.
  • Go pee.

2. The pain forgotten for now, you go and pack your lunch to eat today at school/work/homeless wandering/chain gang/etc.. Said lunch consists of:

  • Anything but red meat.
  • Doesn't matter really. I can trade away anything to any gullible idiot with a good looking meal.
  • Vitamins. Lots of vitamins.
  • Brains.
  • Condoms. Who has time to actually *eat* at lunchtime? o.0
  • No time to eat. Will be too busy beating up geeks.
  • Candy.
  • Anything that doesn't constipate.

3. Ok, time to get dressed, what do you put on?

  • Pants that are very small and very tight.
  • Something with decent-sized pockets (for the weed, of course).
  • Something not covered in straw.
  • *Anything* but what everyone else is wearing.
  • Something I can run fast in.
  • Something I can take on and off easily (damn my bladder).
  • A bright green shirt.
  • I hate wasting time, so I'll just grab something random.

4. So, you're on your way to school/work/whatever. What's playing on your radio?

  • Something that's *not* techno, cause it's so repetitive and trendy.
  • Something that's *not* techno, I like actual humans to play the instruments in the music I listen to.
  • Video game music.
  • Not the Marx brothers.
  • Anything but country.
  • Phish.
  • Nothing. The noise would upset my stomach.
  • Nothing actually *on* the radio, that's for sure. Maybe something indie.

5. You get to work/school, and of course, the first person you encounter is ole Ralphie, who bugs the hell out of you, because:

  • He thinks I'm a capitalist pig.
  • He keeps trying to friggin hug me all the time.
  • He always smells like ass.
  • I can't stand straight-edgers, and he's as straight as they come.
  • He keeps gnawing on my head.
  • He believes in zero population growth.
  • cuase most uf his writen werk lookz leik this
  • He wastes his entire life in front of a computer doing pointless crap.

6. You settle down to actually get stuff done today, but instead find yourself distracted. Why?

  • All that speed made me jittery.
  • Cause I haven't flamed my quota of online lamers for today!
  • Diahrrea.
  • Too busy plotting world domination.
  • Too busy trying to figure out how to lace ecstasy with cyanide.
  • Too busy cursing the Russians.
  • With all these bastards attacking me, how *could* I get any work done?
  • Too damn horny.

7. Work/School's over! Your plans for the evening involve:

  • Something solitary.
  • Something that involves earning more money for me.
  • Drugs of some sort.
  • Sex.
  • Hiding. From "You Know Who". *shivers*
  • A good clean bath.
  • Listening to depressing music.
  • Anything but spending more time in front of the friggin computer.

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